In late summer 2022, 17 Walls approached us with an inspiring project: a street art initiative to depict the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals through 17 iconic murals in Aarhus city center. The 17 murals will be an artistic and powerful manifestation in Aarhus that will actualise the Global Goals and make them relevant and visible to all.

We seized the opportunity to support their vision by sponsoring the clothing worn by the artists during their creative process. It was a mutually beneficial collaboration: 17 Walls received branded attire and visibility on the artists, while we had the chance to showcase our brand through these cool individuals engaged in their artistist work. And the team behind 17 walls started out by testing the hoodies:




Put in to real use they turn out a bit more messy. Here on @ronmuralist in front of their completed artwork representing the 6th Sustainable Development Goal: Clean Water and Sanitation. An artistic reminder for everyone, that creating a sustainable future can only happen if we're all pulling in the same direction. The artwork can be seen at Hotel Atlantic here in Aarhus.

Maybe you also spotted that we shared images of the mural taking form right outside our office windows. It's Denmark's largest gable mural placed right here on Balticagade, just like us.



This painting, inspired by Sustainable Development Goal #17, 'Partnerships for the Goals' is made by the Dutch artist duo Telmomiel, consisting of Telmo Pieper and Miel Kreutzmann. Titled 'On our way' their artwork depicts children caring for birds, symbolizing our connection to nature and our journey towards a sustainable future. Telmo explains, "There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still." This mural represents the start of a new generation walking towards the future while embracing nature along the way.

If you want to learn more about the 17 walls project, you can read more here

May 03, 2024 — nanna jansen

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