Sometimes we get comments about our products being "Made in China," often referring to Chinese goods being perceived as cheap and bad quality. And though that may be true in some cases, that's not the result we get from working with our Chinese manufacturer, Joey. 

Here's Joey and Palle, one of the Revolution owners, together in Hong Kong in May 2024. Joey has been producing jackets, fleece, and shirts for us for 18 (!!) years now. We are very happy to still be working with him and his team. And if you want to learn a little bit more about Joey, here's some facts you might not have guessed:

  • He has an aquarium in his tiny Hong Kong apartment, that he adores!
  • His only holiday plans are cruise ship trips - but never on cruises with more than 3000 guests. That's too crowded.
  • He has a log book with all the cruise ships he has been on.
  • He used to own a Honda Civic that he really misses.
  • Every Sunday, he unfolds his small foldable bike and takes a trip around Hong Kong.
  • He has one sample of all the jackets he has ever produced for us, creating a kind of Revolution Jacket museum.

We have kept Joey as our manufacturer for all these years because he has consistently delivered a product quality that we are pleased with. He has been all onboard with developing his factory in a more conscious direction, getting new certifications, and sourcing recycled and/or organic materials. He has also helped us by agreeing to take on smaller batches of production, in quantities that other factories would have passed on – one of the struggles of being a smaller brand.

So we hope to take another 18 years of collaborating with Joey! And in our book "Made in China" isn't a bad label!


June 12, 2024 — nanna jansen
Tags: #Factory

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